Fun Easter Ideas on a Budget

You don’t need to spend a ton to have adorable Easter basket surprises for your kids this year. With these Easter fun ideas, you’ll even have the Easter Bunny wondering how you did it!! Don’t worry, we won’t tell!


We all love surprising our kids on Easter with a colorful basket of goodies, right? Seriously… who can resist those big, happy, excited smiles!? If you’re one who just loves to give gifts but aren’t sure how to fit them into the budget… this one is for you!

Our favorite go-to store when the holidays roll around is The Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree is filled with holiday-themed goodies and treats that literally only cost one dollar. You can even save big, and buy the basket there! Here is a list of our favorite Easter basket ideas, for one dollar each.

  • Stuffed Animals – Believe it or not, you can get cute little stuffed animals for literally ONE DOLLAR each! Win!!
  • Books – Easy to read, short books that only cost a dollar.
  • Sidewalk Chalk – Spring is the time to get outside and be creative.
  • Small Puzzles – Try to find an Easter puzzle!
  • Bubbles – You may even be able to find a multi-pack of bubbles.
  • Hot Wheels – Sometimes you can find real Hot Wheels at the Dollar Tree. But if not there are plenty of other cars and trucks in store!
  • Play-Doh – Buy the three packs of the off-brand and split for another great deal!
  • Glow Sticks – Who doesn’t love a glow stick??
  • Jump Rope – Great for the upcoming spring weather and easy exercise!

One of the keys to shopping at Dollar Tree for Easter basket ideas is to buy as much in packs as you can. Instead of the single play-doh, buy the three-pack. Skip the single glow stick wand and go for the pack of five bracelets instead!